How Long Does the Allergy Season Last?

How Long Does the Allergy Season Last?

There is a common misconception that allergy season starts in the spring and ends a few months later. However, “allergy season” is not as concrete as many assume, and many are find it’s lasting longer now than in previous years. There are many factors that determine how long individuals will be affected by allergies.
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Many plant-based allergies are largely determined by geographic factors, such as ecology. Different areas of the country are higher in specific pollens, which can affect each individual differently. If your allergies are chronic in nature, you may have an allergy to something in your local area.


One of the greatest determinants of the allergy season is the weather. The length of the spring and/or growing season can directly affect the number of pollens in the air. Additionally, rainfall and wind can determine the severity and length of the allergy season for many individuals. Rainfall can either reduce or increase the number of airborne allergens, depending on the time of year. Wind can kick up local allergens or bring in new allergens from other regions, which may exasperate allergy symptoms.

Personal Hygiene

This particular factor may often go overlooked, but by adjusting personal habits and hygiene, you can significantly reduce the severity of allergy symptoms. By showering and changing clothes after being outside, you can decrease the number of pollen triggers in your home.

How to Combat Allergies

If you’ve struggled to manage your allergy symptoms, there are many ways to manage or treat your condition. This can be accomplished at your local allergist’s office. Here, your doctor can conduct an allergy test to determine your specific triggers. Depending on your specific allergens, your allergist will create a personalized allergy treatment plan, which may include avoidance, medical treatment or immunotherapy.

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