Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic Sinusitis

If you suffer from allergy-related chronic sinusitis you know how much misery comes from invisible particles of pollen and dust. Also termed chronic rhinosinusitis, the condition is almost always accompanied by nasal airway inflammation.

Symptoms & Causes

Allergic sinusitis is a reaction to breathing in allergens such as dust, pollen, smoke and dander. If sinusitis doesn’t go away after a couple weeks or reoccurs throughout the year allergic chronic sinusitis is the likely diagnosis. Symptoms can include nasal congestion for more than two weeks, itchy eyes and nose, headache, tenderness, sleep problems and a reduced sense of smell and taste.

Diagnosis & Treatment

When you see your doctor he or she may perform a physical exam, nasal endoscopy, CT or MRI scan. The doctor might also take a sinus culture or perform allergy skin tests. Once your doctor is confident your symptoms are caused by allergies, he or she may offer treatment options such as immunotherapy allergy shots or drops, antibiotics, balloon sinuplasty and endoscopic sinus surgery. Other treatment options for symptom relief include home remedies such as nasal sprays, inhaling steam and over-the-counter pain relievers.


Preventing sinusitis can be tricky if the root cause is allergens. The best advice is to avoid your known triggers, stay healthy and work with your doctor to manage your symptoms.

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