Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation

The decision to quit smoking is an important one you’ve likely thought much about. There are many reasons: health consequences, social stigmatization, pressure from family and friends, money or the lifestyle. These reasons are compelling, however, once you decide to quit smoking these reasons will likely seem less motivational when trying to resist the urge to smoke. Having a smoking cessation plan can make all the difference between a successful attempt and a relapse.

The first step is to pick a day to quit smoking. This date will act as a launching point for your new lifestyle, and give you time to line up emotional support from your friends and family. Setting a date in the future will also give you time to talk to your doctor and ask about support groups and other coping strategies. There are medical prescriptions like Zyban or Chantix that can be effective. Another great strategy to take before your quit day is to clean your house, car and office of any smoking and tobacco supplies. Make it as hard as possible to pick back up again. After cleaning, try to buy things that can help you cope: gum, hard candy, cinnamon sticks and vegetables are good ideas.

On your quit day make a firm resolution to yourself to resist all temptation to smoke. Tips: Remind yourself of the benefits, avoid people and situations that triggered you to smoke in the past, keep busy and try not to think about smoking, and drink lots of water.

Once you successfully conquer your quit day, make sure it sticks by leaning on your support network during particularly difficult times. Support groups, your doctor, your family and your friends are all tools you should utilize to resist the urge to start smoking again.

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