When Should You Upgrade Your Hearing Aid?

When Should You Upgrade Your Hearing Aid?

Upgrade your hearing aid

Need a New Hearing Aid?

Hanging onto things for way longer than we should seems to be the norm. How many of our readers still have an article of clothing they bought in high school? Wow, that many?

While many of us hang onto things like clothing, what about electronics? Do you still gather around that old analog television with bunny ears to watch the game? Do you think it works as well as a new 4k TV? Of course not. Are they really even in the same ballpark?

Hearing Aid Technology

Now, onto your hearing aids. If you are using hearing aids that are more than a few years old, it is the same as choosing to use an old television over a newer model.

A hearing device with outdated technology cannot provide you with the same hearing experiencing as the newer models. The technology powering these older devices just can’t compete.

State-of-the-art hearing devices help millions of people in Texas and throughout the country with hearing loss reconnect with the world around them. They enhance your ability to communicate effectively and can improve your overall quality of life.

Hearing aids are expensive. After buying a pair a few years ago we know you are not anxious to shell out a few grand for another set. But even though your current hearing aid seems to work fine, it can’t compete with a new model.

Newer devices contain features like Bluetooth® compatibility for added versatility and ease of use. They are also more compact and comfortable than ever before.

Adaptive dual microphones offer outstanding directionality and sound localization, and advanced digital sound processing and ear-to-ear internal communications allow the devices to make automatic adjustments based on the environment.

A Better Hearing Aid Experience

Modern devices analyze the type of sound being received and use advanced algorithms to accurately apply and balance amplification.

Important sounds are amplified, and background noise becomes more manageable. This makes it easier for you to understand speech in noisy environments, substantially reduces feedback and creates a more natural listening experience overall.

Visit Your Tyler Audiologist

New hearing aids are vastly superior to anything available even a few years ago. Your Tyler audiologist will help you through every step of the selection process.

They will help you determine which device is just right for your based on your hearing lifestyle, personal aesthetic and budget. In no time at all you will be able to reconnect with your friends and family and enjoy a better quality of life.